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Artificer (UA)

This subclass was published on February 2nd, 2015.

Artificers are a key part of the world of Eberron. They illustrate the evolution of magic from a wild, unpredictable force to one that is becoming available to the masses. Magic items are part of everyday life in the Five Nations of Khorvaire; with an artificer in your party, they become part of every adventuring expedition.

The artificer was a separate class in prior editions of the Eberron setting, a melee combatant who specialized in mystically enhanced arms and armor. The fifth edition rules treat the artificer as a new wizard tradition that focuses on mystical invention, which you can choose starting at 2nd level.

Infuse Potions

Starting at 2nd level, you can produce magic potions. You spend 10 minutes focusing your magic on a vial of mundane water and expend a spell slot to transform it into a potion. Once you have expended a spell slot to create a potion, you cannot regain that slot until the potion is consumed or after 1 week, at which time the potion loses its effectiveness. You can create up to three potions at a time; creating a fourth potion causes the oldest currently active one to immediately lose its potency. If that potion has been consumed, its effects immediately end.

The spell slot you expend determines the type of potion you can create.

Infuse Potions

1st level spell slot - Climbing, growth or healing potion

2nd level spell slot - Mind reading or greater healing potion

3rd level spell slot - Invisibility, superior healing or water breathing potion

4th level spell slot - Resistance potion

Infuse Scrolls

At 2nd level, you can also tap into your reserves of magical energy to create spell scrolls. You can use your Arcane Recovery ability to create a scroll instead of regaining expended spell slots.

You must finish a short rest, then spend 10 minutes with parchment, quill, and ink to create a spell scroll containing one spell chosen from those you know. Subtract the spell's level from the total levels worth of slots you regain using Arcane Recovery. This reduction to your Arcane Recovery applies until you use the scroll and then finish a long rest.

Infuse Weapons and Armor

Beginning at 6th level, you can produce magic weapons and armor. You spend 10 minutes focusing your magic on a mundane weapon, suit of armor, shield, or bundle of twenty pieces of ammunition, and expend a spell slot to infuse it with magical energy. The magic item retains its enhancement for 8 hours or until used (in the case of magic ammunition). You can infuse only one item at a time; if you infuse a second one, the first immediately loses its potency. Once you have expended a spell slot to create such an item, you cannot regain that slot until the item becomes nonmagical.

The spell slot you expend determines the type of weapon, armor, or shield you can create.

Infuse Weapons and Armor

2nd level spell slot - +1 ammunition (20 pieces)

3rd level spell slot - +1 weapon or +1 shield

4th level spell slot - +1 armor

5th level spell slot - +2 weapon or +2 ammunition (20 pieces)

6th level spell slot - +2 armor

Superior Artificer

Starting at 10th level, you can create a second magic weapon, suit of armor, shield, or bundle of ammunition using your Infuse Weapons and Armor ability. Attempting to infuse a third item causes the oldest one to immediately lose its potency.

You can also create one additional potion or scroll using Infuse Potions or Infuse Scrolls.

Master Artificer

On reaching 14th level, your mastery of arcane magic allows you to produce a variety of magic items. You can create a single item chosen from Magic Item Tables A and B in chapter 7 of the Dungeon Master's Guide (shown below). It takes you 1 week to produce such an item, and you must rest for 1 month before using this ability to craft another item.

Magic Item Table A (d100)

01-50 - Potion of healing

51-60 - Spell scroll (cantrip)

61-70 - Potion of climbing

71-90 - Spell scroll (1st level)

91-94 - Spell scroll (2nd level)

95-98 - Potion of greater healing

99 - Bag of holding

00 - Driftglobe

Magic Item Table B (d100)

01-15 - Potion of greater healing

16-22Potion of fire breath

23-29 - Potion of resistance

30-34 - Ammunition +1

35-39 - Potion of animal friendship

40-44 - Potion of hill giant strength

45-49 - Potion of growth

50-54 - Potion of water breathing

55-59 - Spell scroll (2nd level)

60-64 - Spell scroll (3rd level)

65-67 - Bag of holding

68-70 - Keoghtom's ointment

71-73 - Oil of slipperiness

74-75 - Dust of disappearance

76-77 - Dust of dryness

78-79 - Dust of sneezing and choking

80-81 - Elemental gem

82-83 - Philter of love

84 - Alchemy jug

85 - Cap of water breathing

86 - Cloak of the manta ray

87 - Driftglobe

88 - Goggles of night

89 - Helm of comprehending languages

90 - Immovable rod

91 - Lantern of revealing

92 - Mariner's armor

93 - Mithral armor

94 - Potion of poison

95 - Ring of swimming

96 - Robe of useful items

97 - Rope of climbing

98 - Saddle of the cavalier

99 - Wand of magic detection

00 - Wand of secret